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The real object of Freemasonry, in a philosophical and religious sense, is the search for Truth.  In all the labors of the Order, in its ceremonies and symbols, in its lectures and rewards, the ultimate end is the acquisition of Truth.  The symbolization of Truth is by the Word and the purpose of the Word is to give a knowledge of God.

The founding members of Truth Chapter No. 19, O.E.S. (P.H.A.) in the selection of an appropriate name were in accord with their objective to promulgate truth and knowledge in their communities and in themselves and to render all of mankind a closer relationship with the Great Architect of the Universe.

More than eight (8) decades ago, in September of 1919, Bee Hive Lodge No. 66, Free and Accepted Masons, Prince Hall Affiliated was organized.  Later that same year, the wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and widows of these Master Masons formed a club to endeavor to become members of the Order of the Eastern Star. After the formation of this club, it was visited by the Royal Grand Matron of Myra Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, (P.H.A.) of the Maryland Jurisdiction, who gave the club proper instructions for preparation for the initiation into the Order of the Eastern Star.

On December 6, 1919, the club and the Grand Officers of Myra Grand Chapter assembled in the Good Samaritan Hall located at Pomonkey, Maryland. The Grand Officers conferred upon the members of the club, the three degrees of the Order of the Eastern Star.  There were twenty-one (21) members who were initiated, consisting of nineteen (19) women and two (2) men.

The Chapter was granted a dispensation that same night authorizing them to open and conduct meetings. Also giving them the authority to confer the three degrees of the Order of the Easter Star, under the name and title of Truth Chapter No. 19, O.E.S., (P.H.A.), in the town of Pomonkey, Maryland located in Charles County, Maryland. Those who signed the dispensation were:

  • Honored Lady S. Banks, Royal Grand Matron
  • Sir Knight Benjamin E. Langston, Royal Grand Patron
  • Honored Lady Florence M. Oliver, Associate Grand Matron
  • Honored Lady Maggie C. Upshur, Royal Grand Secretary

Of the twenty-one (21) members who were initiated that night, only three (3) relinquished membership.  The other faithful pioneers who gave their all for their Chapter, have all moved on to a greater reward.

Under the leadership of our first Worthy Matron, Sister Rebecca Slater, and our first Worthy Patron, Brother Fred Myers, Truth Chapter No. 19, Order of the Eastern Star, went forth in its objectives and prospered financially as well as increased its membership.

On February 15, 1921, the Chapter received the official Grand Chapter issued Charter, which was signed as follows:

  • Sister Florence M. Oliver, Grand Worthy Matron
  • Brother Benjamin E. Langston, Grand Worthy Patron
  • Sister Medota Buchingham, Associate Grand Worthy Matron
  • Sister Maggie C. Upsher, Grand Secretary
  • Sister Desicella W. Franklin, Grand Recording Secretary


This date marked another historical and momentous occasion in the history and records of Truth Chapter No. 19 and the original Charter is still being preserved in the Archives of the Chapter.

The invaluable service and untiring efforts rendered by Sister Rebecca Slater and Sister Rosa Bransome, who were both elected twice to serve the Office of Worthy Matron of Truth Chapter in its first years, affirmed the Chapter was upward bound to more higher goals in the future years.  Our first Worthy Patron, Brother Frederick Myers, served his office for twelve (12) years and was given a deserved rest when succeeded by Brother John R. Morton.  Without the services of these two Brethren during the formative years of the Chapter, it could not have prospered or maintained its existence.

Often enough is not said about the works of our leaders in the Chapter, but certainly all of the aforementioned names have taken stations in helping to shape the history and directions of Truth Chapter and some are currently helping to keep the Chapter striving forward towards higher goals.

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Truth’s Mission Statement

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