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Past Matrons


Sister Rebecca Slater
Sister Rosa Bransom
Sister Mollie Keys
Sister Sarah Myers
Sister Sarah French
Sister Annie Poole
Sister Marzella Jackson
Sister Fannie Brown
Sister Mamie Ransome
Sister Edna Marbury
Sister Annie Jackson
Sister Virginia Chisholm
Sister Louise Gladden
Sister Henrietta Datcher
Sister Marion C. Marbray
Sister Alice Marbury
Sister Una M. Highe
Sister Marie Kane
Sister Clara Washington
Sister Mary J. Davis

Sister Viola Brooks
Sister Vicie M. Hunt
Sister Mildred Thomas
Sister Blanche Evans
Sister Bell Marshall
Sister Mary Colbert
Sister Minnie Brooks
Sister Mable Atlee
Sister Fannie Ball
Sister Sarah Johnson
Sister Geneva Johnson
Sister Elnora Clark
Sister Caroline Bransom
Sister Edna Ross
Sister Ada Davis
Sister Sarah Kane
Sister Alice Henson
Sister Minnie C. Hill
Sister Inez C. Davis
Sister Lorraine Thompson
Sister Bertha Diggs
Sister Mary E. Diggs
Sister Dorothy Riley
Sister Marjorie Lancaster
Sister Mercedes Upshaw
Sister Flora Gaskins
Sister Gwendolyn Kent
Sister Annie Ross
Sister Lillian Bruce
Sister Teresa Swann
Sister Clara Washington
Sister Delphie Ross
Sister Carmella Davis Watkins
Sister Ruby Thomas
Sister Gloria Jolly
Sister Judy Estep
Sister Cynthia Henderson
Sister LaTonja Moore
Sister Alana Smoaks
Sister Sharon Y. Hines
Sister Teressa Fultz


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